Our Offerings

Improving streams of transport using geo-spatial engineering and data analytics.

Solid Waste Management

Monitoring and managing waste with intelligent technology to sweep cities clean.

Citizen Service Kiosks

Providing citizens with unparalleled access to city services.

Smart Infrastructure

Transforming architecture and engineering systems through technological foresight.

Big Data Analytics

Enabling technology to analyse data, map trends and yield useful patterns for the future.

Smart Parking

Optimising urban parking with real-time data and interlinked payment solutions.

City GIS

Collecting data to optimally utilise a city’s resources through mapping and spatial analysis.

Adaptive Traffic

Using artificial intelligence and smart analytics to pave the way for smoother traffic flows.

Smart Utility

Improving water and power systems with state-of-the-art monitoring.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Illuminating paths and enhancing connectivity with intelligent and versatile street lights.

Digital Payments

Simplifying digital payments by making them seamless and secure across all systems.

Our Work