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As we hurtle towards our next technological achievement, we require more people in our ranks who hunger to transform.
The experiences we give them are important to us as a company.
It’s why we keep our culture focussed on innovation, vibrancy and individual growth.
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  • When it comes to career growth, our policies ensure that talent trumps hierarchy any day
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  • Employees at Amnex are often among the global firsts to get their hands on emerging technologies
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  • We value complex problem solvers, to the extent that we skill employees ourselves with educational
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  • Find the freedom to drive your own projects and pursue your own ideas, as we extend the resources and facilities necessary for your exploration
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  • We believe in teamwork. Our open-plan workspaces gives employees the liberty to share ideas and work in collaboration with each other
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  • We believe in social growth, it’s why we prioritise work-life balance and friendships.. We love to party; every festival, birthday or big win is a reason for celebration
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  • We believe in diversity. We welcome people of different backgrounds and preferences to join us and we provide equal opportunities to all
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  • We are a socially-responsible entity and we love to give back to society in every way we can
Areas of Work
land-use planning (Spectator)
Geospatial technology for managing current & future mines
  • Verification of current mining boundaries and future mine planning
  • Helps identify suitable areas for mineral concessions
  • Landscape contour and volumetric information.
Terrain Change Detection and Volume Computation (Eiblue)
Terrain survey and mapping via flyovers and 3D scanning using Lidar
  • High resolution panoramic images for actual site inspection and monitoring
  • Enables early detection of terrain changes
  • Enables accurate stockpile analysis
  • Assists volumetric calculation and resource estimation
  • High resolution panoramic images for actual site inspection and monitoring.
Mineral Movement Monitoring (Nirikshak)
Integrated mineral dispatch & surveillance management
  • Centralised ecosystem for administration and regulation of resources
  • Real time end-to-end mineral movement tracking
  • Automation of check posts and barriers for weightage
  • Inspection of minerals in transit
  • Offers cost-efficiency and transparency
Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System (Sandhann)
A centralised platform to monitor and manage all mining activities
  • MIS dashboard for End-to-end tracking
  • Auto-approval of dispatch permission
  • Automatic assessment system
  • Single-click online payment
  • Constant process support
Equipment Monitoring System (Samarth)
Single-window solution to monitor and optimise performance of mining equipment
  • Automatic equipment assignments to reduce idle time
  • Real-time tracking of open-pit Heavy
  • Earthmoving Mining Machines (HEMM)
  • Higher efficiency output of all ground operations
  • Prevent down time by equipment Health and performance monitoring
Fuel Management System (Pravah)
An integrated fuel management solution for better control over fuel supply chain
  • Monitors end-to-end fuel transfers with fuel reconciliation
  • System driven trigger for equipment refueling
  • Real-time data and reports for greater transparency
  • Reduces fuel loss and helps lower operational costs
The Workplace Redefined
  • 19/01/2019
Annual Hackathon 2019
Gear up for the annual event that is scheduled to happen between the 19th to the 22nd of January 2019.
  • 11/10/2018
Vibrant Gujarat Technology Summit
Gear up for the annual event that is scheduled to happen between the 11th to the 13th of October 2018.